Subsea Battery Packs

OceanTools offer a range of subsea battery packs. The standard battery pack is a 3000m depth rated unit supplied with either rechargeable or non rechargeable batteries. Custom depth rated units are available on request.
The battery packs include a pressure activated switch which disables the pack at a depth less than approximately 7m and enables it at a depth greater than 7m. The battery packs are also supplied with a vent plug as standard.
OceanTools subsea battery packs are supplied in anodised aluminium housings as standard but may be supplied in other materials including stainless steel and titanium.
The battery packs are suitable for powering many subsea devices including:
– OceanTILT and DISTIL products
– PoleStar gyros and third-party gyrocompasses
– OceanFIND lost ROV tracking systems
– Many other subsea applications


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  • 3000m depth rating
  • Custom depth ratings available on request
  • 24VDC 16AH capacity (nonrechargeable)
  • 25.9VDC 8AH capacity (rechargeable)
  • Length 385mm, diameter 115mm (non-rechargeable)
  • Length 320mm, diameter 135mm (rechargeable)
  • Weight in air/water 7.9kg/3.9kg (nonrechargeable)
  • Weight in air/water 7.9kg/3.3kg (rechargeable)
  • Fitted with MCBH4F and MCBH5F connectors