The C-Switch is a rugged & reliable ROV or diver operated underwater switch designed for a range of switching applications.
The C-Switch is machined from acetyl and stainless steel and has been designed for maximum longevity in harsh underwater environments.
The C-SWITCH uses a non-contact switching method which allows for the switching of up to 4A at 24VDC and 4A at 120VAC.
This makes it ideal for use with subsea battery packs and may be used as a “Master On / Off” switch to isolate the battery pack and thus extend it’s operational life. C-Switch has Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common connections.
The rotary mechanism may be operated via any ROV manipulator or a diver’s hand. Positive detentes are provided in both Off and On positions to ensure the switch does not accidentally turn off due to shock or vibration.
The C-SWITCH is chemically inert and corrosion free thus making it suitable for long term deployment.


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  • Engineered for harsh subsea use
  • 1500m standard depth rating
  • Options to 7000m
  • Positive detentes in Off and On positions
  • 3 pin Subconn connector with Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common connections