HDO High Definition Video Overlay

The new OceanTools HDO is an High Definition (HD) Digital Video Overlay and Video Scaler unit designed to support the latest generation of subsea video cameras as well as supporting older composite cameras.
Producing very high definition vibrant and stable images, this powerful unit supports inputs from a range of camera types including High Definition Serial Data Interface HD-SDI, SDI,and composite PAL & NTSC.
Another feature of the HDO is it’s ability to act as a video scaler bidirectionally converting between a number of video formats.
The HDO is a Windows based system that can superimpose a wide range of data from multiple sources onto 1 or 2 video inputs (depending on the model). Overlaid information may include:

– Time & date and various logos and graphics
– Serial data shown as text or graphically
– 12 user-definable pages of Text boxes, Data-scales and Data-dials and sketch tools
– Analogue, CP and Pipetracker inputs
– Video scaling is an integral function of the DiVO and can convert from
– Composite to SD-SDI and SDI
– SDI to SD-SDI Composite and YC
– HD-SDI to SDI and DVI at HD resolution
The HDO is highly configurable and allows variable sized fonts and colours to be used. The unit is contained in a single 2U 19” rack-mount enclosure.
The uncluttered design ensures that all video and data inputs and outputs are taken to the rear panel with the only connectors on the front being those of the mouse, keyboard and USB ports.


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  • Available with 1 to 4 video channels
  • Auto-detection of HD-SDI, SDI or Composite inputs
  • Video up, down and cross scaling
  • Four serial inputs as standard
  • Optional four channel analogue & CP input
  • Optional Pipetracker interface