OceanFOG-3K Subsea Gyrocompass

The OceanTools OceanFOG is an Inertial Reference System (IRS) based on latestgeneration fibre optic gyrocompasses (FOGs) and micro-mechanical (MEMS) accelerometers in a single, compact, package.
The OceanFOG provides highly accurate Heading, Pitch, Roll, Heave, Rate, Acceleration and Geographical Position.
OceanFOG is available in several variants:
– OceanFOG-3K Horizontal housing
– OceanFOG-S Surface Gyro
– OceanFOG-R RovFOG

OceanFOG may be used in a wide variety of subsea and surface applications including Survey, ROV navigation, AUV navigation and for Metrology applications.
When used in static survey operations OceanFOG does not require any external latitude inputs. If used on a moving vessel then a GPS derived external latitude will be required.
OceanFOG features a rapid realignment mode. If the unit has not been moved significantly from it’s last location then re-alignment will be completed within 90seconds.
OceanFOG has two output datastreams: one is a “Simple” RS232 output that is non-adjustable and which can be used to configure the “Flexible” output. The “Flexible” output is user-selectable between RS232 and RS485.


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  • Outputs heading, pitch, roll, heave, latitude, longitude, rates & accelerations
  • Simultaneous twin serial outputs
  • Rapid run-up time
  • RS232 and RS485 outputs
  • 3000m standard depth rating
  • Never requires recalibration