OceanTHDT Multisensor

The OceanTools OceanTHDT sensor pack is a compact and cost effective subsea measurement device.
The OceanTHDT contains Heading, Pitch, Roll, Depth and Temperature sensors and is available in depth Ratings from 1000m to 6000m.
The units contain a high precision magnetic compass making it ideal for applications where a gyrocompass is too expensive. Data is output as a simple RS232 or RS485 string.
OceanTools have produced several methods of displaying the data, including their standard OceanTHDT Windows program and also their Digital Bullseye software, which allows the OceanTHDT to be used as a replacement for conventional subsea bullseyes.
The OceanTHDT contain advanced features including auto-depth recalibration and auto-calibration of the magnetic compass.
There are many OceanTHDT units in operation globally with ROV operators, navies, drilling companies and oceanographic research institutes.


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  • Depth ratings from 1000m to 6000m
  • Aluminium, stainless steel and titanium housings
  • RS232 & RS485 outputs
  • Simple to use Windows software
  • May be used on a wide range of underwater equipment