OceanTILT Precision Attitude Sensor

The OceanTools OceanTILT is a very cost-effective, compact, precision dual axis subsea inclinometer / attitude reference unit that measures both pitch & roll to an accuracy of 0.1°.
The OceanTILT may be supplied as a stand-alone tilt sensor or may be supplied with an integral subsea display unit. In this configuration it is referred to as a DISTIL. Optionally, either unit may be supplied with a subsea battery pack.
The unit is available in 1000m and 3000m depth ratings as standard but may be offered down to full ocean depth rating. RS232 and RS485 outputs are available as standard and are jumper-selectable within the unit.
The unit is supplied with software that allows the pitch & roll information to be viewed in several modes including a digital “bullseye” mode.


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  • Depth ratings 1000m & 3000m
  • Options to full ocean depth
  • 180° operating range
  • Integral diagnostics
  • RS232 & RS485 outputs
  • Simple ASCII data output
  • Simple to use Windows software